Lemon Skunk aka "Lemon Sticky"

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Lemon Skunk is straight from old school Dutch genetics. As the name suggests, Lemon Skunk has a lemon/citrus flavor and scent when grown properly. The high is quite complex and long lasting. The Lemon Skunk high starts slightly psychedelic and heading towards serious couch lock. Lemon Skunk can be grown indoors or outdoors but note the plant can get pretty big so some care is needed. Yields are similarly large, up to 2-4+ oz per plant outdoors.

Facts about the LEMON SKUNK Strain:
The plant can withstand dry weather, but may have some problems with extreme rain. Won High time 1st place 2001.
Very High yielding plant outside;  Lovely smell and taste.
A great Skunk strain for avid Outdoor Growers

10 Seeds = $75
Type: Indica / Sativa Blend
Climate: Outdoor
Yield: (600 grams indoor) up to 750 outdoor / squared meter
Height: 65 to 95

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