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PPP, or Pure Power Plant, is an amazingly strong strain that is mostly sativa. It was developed in the late 90’s from South African strains. The tremendous growth potential of this plant is a prime example of a hybrid’s vigor. PPP is the latest trend among Dutch commercial growers because of its high yields of the highest priced buds. Pure Power Plant has a pleasant; almost pine, after taste and a powerful social buzz.

Facts about the PPP Strain:
Well suited for out crossing with late bloomers to produce earlier flowering.
Pleasant taste smell and lovely smoke
A strong plant of medium height and bushiness.

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10 Seeds = $70
Type: Indica / Mostly Sativa Blend
Climate: Indoor/ Outdoor
Yield: 450 to 500 grams / squared meter
Height: 50 to 70 cm
Flowering period: 8 to 10 weeks

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