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White strains are the most frequently purchased cannabis seeds in the world! The most widely known fact about White strains is that they have a tendency to produce MASSIVE amounts of trichomes during the final weeks of their flowering cycle, making them seem white while they shimmer and sparkle under light. What this means is that white strains tend to be extremely potent because they have high concentrations of bulbous stalk trichomes that are saturated in THC and other cannabinoids. Snow White is a mostly Indica plant. It is one of the highest favored seed of avid growers, due in part because it is a big yielder with dense, sticky buds that are fully covered with shiny crystals. Check out our White Widow or White Rhino strains!

Facts about the SNOW WHITE Strain:
Multiple winner at the Cannabis Cup
Big dense sticky buds
Grows well outdoors, AND IS GREAT FOR MAKING HASH!

Order your SNOW WHITE seeds now!

10 Seeds = $80
Type: Indica
Climate: Outdoor
Yield: 350 - 500 grams / squared meter
Height: Medium Size
Flowering period: 9 to 12 weeks

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