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The name G-13 was derived from the term Government Marijuana, the 13 used as M is the thirteenth letter of the alphabet. The G-13 strain (originally a single clone) was probably of Afghani origin, and provided a very potent smoke. Cannabis researchers identify G-13 as an Afghani "Indica" (or 'Afghanica') cultivar, high in THC. Some seed banks (which are very unlikely to have genetic material from the original clone) describe this strain as the highest THC content ever. Other growers are known to have actually worked with the clone since the Mid-Eighties describe it as one of the strongest "indicas" ever discovered.

Facts about the G-13 Strain:
Well suited for Indoor or Outdoor growing
Many flower clusters, covered with resin
Proven to be one of the best breeding plants

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Type: Indica / Sativa Mix
Climate: Indoor / Outdoor
Yield: 320 - 360+ grams / squared meter
Height: Large, 2 - 3 meters
Flowering period: 11 - 14 weeks


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