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First girl got its name because it finishes early in the growing season. Growers when growing outside, this can be VERY important. The plant is hardy and disease resistant as well, so they will grow in the difficult wet first part of the season. Buds are large with lots of THC crystals! The stoned effect is rather strong; your eyes get heavy, your breathing slows. You will be thinking of your first girl when you sit back and smoke this. You will also thank us after you get rid of her for these seeds!

Facts about the FIRST GIRL Strain:
Buds are large with lots of THC crystals.
Suited for people with less patience

Order your FIRST GIRL seeds now!

10 Seeds = $80
Type: Mostly Indica
Climate: Outdoor
Yield: 360+ grams / squared meter
Flowering period: 7 to 8 weeks

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