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Many of today's popular hybrids are derived from Afghan's genetics. Imported originally from Afghanistan, the Afghan strain traveled to Holland where it was cultivated exclusively. A strong Indica, Afghani (as it is also called) is known for its sharp, strong smell and fat, round leaves. These leaves have glands greasy with resin which extends out to the fan leaves.


The leaves are so robust, the plant itself tends to grow large and bushy and is usually quite high yielding. THIS IS A BONUS for any indoor grower. Afghan marijuana has-long before its discovery-incurred thousands of years of extreme weather conditions stemming from its mountainous surroundings, thus leaving the plant strong, sturdy and exceedingly resilient to disease.


Perfect for outdoor growing, however indoors is usually preferred. This rugged plant is unique in its ability to self-administer healthy growth. Afghan is a very low-maintenance strain. As a thick, heavy plant, Afghan also carries a thick, heavy smoke that can be likened to a velvety, full-bodied hash taste. A definite mind-numbing high if cared and cured for properly.

Facts about the AFGHAN Strain:
Could be grown outdoors, as well; better results indoors

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Type: Mostly Indica
Climate: Indoor
Yield: up to 420 grams / squared meter
Height: up to 120 cm
Flowering period: 8 to 10 weeks

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