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This is for the sweet-tooth in every smoker, Bubblegum Kush comes as the perfect chronic choice. It sports a sweet candy-like taste mixed in with the traditional indica flavor, making it a good meal topper. Smoke a few joints after lunch or dinner and you’ll feel a strong, creative high, perfect for writing songs, stories, or anything that your mind picks up over the celestial wireless. Smokers worldwide consider it a favorite and a good alternative to White Widow. If you are a lightweight, probably better just smoking it in a chilled water bong. BubbleGum Kush induces a lengthy trippy periods if you take it directly.

Facts about the BubbleGum Kush Strain:
The plant is often marked with large buds and big leaves
It’s pretty short, with a few branches, but produces a decent yield
BG KUSH has won four different awards from the Cannabis Cup

10 seeds = $80

Type: Indica
Climate: Indoor
Yield: 380 - 450 grams
Height: 68 to 85 cm
Flowering Period: 7-10 weeks


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